How do I generate $23k+ from Single Parasite? (Case Study)

So before I start I just want to tell you that I am not gonna share which parasite I use and of-course keywords too.

What I will share?

  1. Broad Niche

2. How did I start?

3. My Income

4. Strategy.

NicheEducation-related software.

Strategy -if you will ask, does Parasite still work? then I will say, it is working so perfectly and without much effort..

keyword research -As you all know Keyword is the kingdom, Yes if the content is the king then I must say Keyword is Kingdom.

I spent a hell lot of time into it and then got this awesome keyword. however, MS is not that much but I target small MS-related keywords.

Competition –

Competition is moderate according to the KW Finder, it shows 39 but I don’t rely on this solely. I checked the top 10 sites on the first page and finalize the keyword.

Content – I wrote about 5k+ words of the article for it, also I didn’t over-optimize it. I used more LSI keywords in it which help me to get a ranking for those small keywords without any effort.

After setting up all the things into Parasite I did force indexing on GWMT. yes, I verify that parasite in GWMT.

Indexing -As you know Parasite takes time in indexing but after force indexing, it got indexed within 1 hour of force Indexing. and Later I checked where it landed? It landed on page 4.

Patience -Then I waited for at least 1 week to see the movement of it. and it keeps on hopping between page 4 to 9. But again settle down on page 4.

Now the Exciting part –

LinkBuilding -I did some web2.0, social signals, and profile links in tiers, I took some services from BHW and at last, I used My PBN to push the main keywords. I waited 1 month to see where the site moves and it landed on page 2.

I send more social signals to it but it keeps on hopping between page 2 and page 3. Later I bought an expired domain related to my niche and wrote 5 to 6 posts related to my niche.

I leave it for 1 week for indexing naturally. after that, I create a post having an interlink of all those 5, 6 posts and 301 it to that parasite. within 4 days, my parasite went up to page 1 at #7. It stayed there for 1 month later it again keep on hopping to page 1 to Not found and this kept on doing like this for 1 month. I send more links to the naked URLs only and then it went stable at #4.

It’s been 2 years and it stayed there on page 1

.Network I used – I used Shareasale and CJ. Total Time for rolling Money -It took 2 months for stable money to roll in and as soon as more small keywords got ranked, earnings went up and up.

This financial year income -This alone parasite gave me $23k+ and still 2 months left to complete this financial year.

PS: I experiment with lots of parasites, and I found these 2 are good for the long run. you can use the site. google. If I miss something, Please ask your questions.


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