Grammarly Prices and Plans ( 25% Off )

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly Prices and Plans

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant. This tool helps in writing more efficiently. From everyday content to checking grammar, plagiarism, citation, essay, paraphrasing, etc., Grammarly does it all. It corrects most importantly the grammatical mistakes in documents and social media posts and makes the content error-free and remarkable. Let’s talk about Grammarly Prices and Plans.

Grammarly is a well-known and reliable online writing tool that offers a selection of plans to meet the various needs of its customers. Grammarly improves writing quality and efficiency for everyone from professionals to companies and students. Grammarly moreover provides suggestions in between writing for Twitter, e-mail, LinkedIn, and others to make the text more readable and precise, setting high standards. We will further know about Grammarly’s plans and prices.

Grammarly Prices and Plans

Grammarly Premium offers three premium plans– Free, Premium, and Business.

Grammarly can help you write well-crafted language fast and confidently with its 100 AI-powered prompts. Also, you can upgrade your subscription to a premium plan with a free trial. 

Grammarly Individual Plan

The Monthly Plan is $30 per month. 

The Annual Plan will cost around  ₹$360 for a year.

The price of the Quarterly Plan per month is $60.

The monthly plan is costly that is $30 per month and in the long run, it will cost you around $360, so the best Bet is a time payment for an Annual subscription.

Monthly PlanQuaterly PlanANNUAL Plan
Original Price$30$60$144
Discounted price$22.5$45$108
Total Discount$7.5$15$36

Grammarly Premium for Teams and Business

This plan is available for teams of three or more for $25 per member per month which is $75 per month. This is a wiser option as three individual plans will cost $90 more than this plan. Purchasing an annual plan will save you over 40% on monthly subscriptions. Plans available for this premium are- 

The price for 3-9 users will cost around $15 per user per month

The Price for 10-59 users will cost around $14.50 per user per month

The Price for 50+ users will be around $12.50 per user per month

3-9 Users$15 /month per user
10-59 Uers$14.50 /month per user
50+ Users$12.50 /month per user

Grammarly Price for Students

Students can unlock Grammarly Premium at an easy-to-afford price. Students can get 25% Student Discount, making it an affordable way to upgrade your writing with advanced grammar checks, plagiarism detection, and more.

Grammarly Features 

The Premium Plan helps you modify your tone to fit your audience and target in addition to proofreading. Grammarly may rewrite entire sentences for clarity and impact if you have trouble with language.

Grammarly helps you communicate clearly even if English is not your native language. It also checks for accidental plagiarism, guaranteeing the originality of your work. Grammarly has 1,000 AI-powered prompts that can help you produce excellent writing.

Grammarly reduces all of your app’s operations, whether you’re writing an email, revising an essay, or creating a report. It offers thorough writing assistance at every stage.

Writing for teams is made easier with Grammarly Business. Having centralized billing makes managing licenses easier. Formatting and voice uniformity are guaranteed via a style guide and brand tones.

Writing resources are shared via the Knowledge Base. Usage insights are provided by an analytics dashboard. SSO with SAML allows for safe authentication.

Teams may produce texts quickly with 2,000 AI prompts. Clarity and impact are increased in organizational writing with Grammarly Premium, whether marketing copy or internal memos are being written.

Grammarly prioritizes security in all aspects of our infrastructure, product, and business processes. Grammarly is the best choice to be chosen as it comprises online plagiarism detection, spell checker, integration, punctuation checker, API Integration, style checker, and data security.


  1. What is the price of a 12-month Grammarly subscription?
  • According to the Grammarly plans and prices, the monthly subscription is around 2,491 rupees, which is around 11,960 rupees for a 12-month subscription excluding any discounts.
  1. What is the lowest price of the Grammarly subscription?
  • Grammarly is a software that suggests proper grammar words and forms high-quality content based on its suggestions. The monthly subscription to Grammarly with a discount can cost around 1870 rupees. 
  1. Is Grammarly free for students?
  • The Grammarly tool is great for improving our writing, but it may be expensive too. Luckily Grammarly has claimed a Discount of about 60% off for students.

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