KWFinder Review 2024: Pricing, Traits, Comparison, And More

KWFinder Review


  • KWFinder comes with one of the cleanest and easy to use interfaces.
  • Nearly accurate data and a reliable SEO score.
  • Easy to perform Keyword research for a single keyword as well as multiple keyword batching.
  • Profound support (live chat, email, FAQ section, etc).
  • Cheaper than many keyword research tools out there.


  • Limited keyword lookups per day.
  • Not a viable option for users with massive regular researches.
  • Great for keyword research, but not up to the mark for rival analysis.

TLDR KWFinder Review

KWFinder is one of the super-effective keyword research tools out there.  When compared to its rivals, it is budget-friendly yet promising.

Through its minimalist and clean dashboard, it is easier than ever before to perform keyword research. Best for amateurs and also useful for veterans website/blog owners and anyone who engages in keyword research.

Let’s talk specifics:

If you want to write great blog posts, keyword research plays a chief role.

And if you want to do keyword research and get higher Google rankings, you need a profound keyword research tool. Or else, it is merely dreadful to make a successful blog in the long run if not in the short term.

There are different keyword research tools out there, however, not every tool is perfect for everyone.

One tool may be, for example, suitable for a beginner while a veteran internet marketer may need a different tool, and so on.

This is where KWFinder does its job very well.

It is specially built for beginner bloggers who are looking to write articles on long-tail keywords and rank higher in search engines.

Although, I do not mean to say that the experienced marketers may not get anything out of it. If you want to start with aggregating multiple keywords and analyzing all of them at a time, KWFinder can do that too.

Keep reading this KWFinder Review and you will come to know whether this tool is a flawless fit for you or not.  

What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is a keyword research tool developed by Mangools. From basic keyword research to advanced filtering, KWFinder can come up with lucrative keyword ideas. Besides keyword research, it is capable of finding out questions related to your keyword and many wonders besides this.

With its minimalist interface, this tool has passed our test of a user-friendly dashboard. Put another way. KWFinder has one of the cleanest edges out there.

Besides KWFinder, Mangools is available with many other SEO tools (they call them apps) such as SERP Checker, Rank Tracker, etc.

Apps by Mangools

And the good news is that you get all the tools by paying for either of them.

What does KWFinder do?

 When you enter any seed keyword into KWFinder, it gives you the following output:

  • Trend
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • KD (Keyword Difficulty)
  • And much more.

In short, you get to know almost everything about a certain keyword. Its future scope, the advertisers’ purchasing power, everything.

If you are a new blogger, KWFinder can’t take you any wrong. No doubt, it does not show all the different metrics as other tools as Ahrefs does.

However, they show all the possible metrics that a beginner needs and that is the main reason why it is designed keeping in mind the entry-level bloggers and marketers.

By using Ahrefs from day one, for example, there are higher chances that you will get into some sort of slip-up about operating the tool.

But in the case of KWFinder, it is easier than ever before to perform keyword research.

Who can use KWFinder?

This is an important one.

Let me be clear about something:

KWFinder is not for everyone.

Here are some of the major beneficiaries of KWFinder:

Beginner Bloggers –

KWFinder is the best keyword research tool when beginner blogger wants to get their hands dirty in the sea of SEO.

Anyways, why is KWFinder great for beginners?

Here’s the deal:

KWFinder collects most of the data from the Google keyword planner directory. And almost the majority of its data is nearly accurate as it is coming directly from Google.

However, KWFinder shows the Keyword Difficulty (KD) for every keyword. This KD is not derived from any third-party tools.

Keyword Difficulty by KWFinder

Instead, they have their own metrics for this SEO score and it is happy to know that the difficulty score shown by them is precise than most of them.

And this is where beginner bloggers can grab a huge chunk of benefit. You may have heard that it is better to target long-tail keywords when you are just starting.

And as this statement is true, KWFinder does a great job of finding out all the long-tail keywords that a beginner blogger may need.

Budget Bloggers –

Ahrefs? Maybe a costlier option at least in the beginning.

SEMrush? Almost the same costing as Ahrefs.

KWFinder? 29$/month may not be a vast costing even if you are running with a tight budget. And the value that it provides in exchange for the price is enormous.

In fact, the KWFinder Agency option (which is the costliest among all their pricing plans) is cheaper than Ahrefs basic premium plan.

And as it is made for beginners, its price is set accordingly. They too need to pay for the data they collect as well as the other service expenditures.

That’s why KWFinder comes with a competitive price over most SEO tools out there.

Advanced Bloggers –

While this tool may not satisfy all the needs of an experienced marketer, it is still worth checking out.

KWFinder cannot perform bulk keyword import, for example, as it has got some limits. However, it can perform keyword research through batching as well as intent filters.

Besides them, KWFinder can be of great use for all the peeps who are looking to improve their website traffic by finding well-paid keywords.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about some of the sheer benefits as well as features of KWFinder.

KWFinder Features & Benefits

1. Soothing interface –

Whenever it comes to site design, we want it to be perfect.

KWFinder fulfills our promises for the same.

No doubt, site architecture doesn’t play any major role in keyword research. However, it is much better to perform keyword research in a clutter-free environment than on a distracted dashboard.

Imagine yourself performing keyword research on a certain keyword tool. When you enter a seed keyword, a bunch of metrics about which you have never heard of appears on the screen.

In this case, you will find it uncomfortable to survive keyword research on that specific tool.

Fortunately, this is not the case with KWFinder.

I bet you will feel like love at first sight after seeing its interface.

2. Easy to use keyword research tool –

Enter any keyword, select the location, select your language, click on the “find keywords” button, and there you go.

It will come with all the details that you need as a researcher.

Let’s say, you want to write an article on the focus keyword “golf clubs for beginners”. In this case, you will get all the details related to this keyword:

KWFinder user-friendly interface

Here, the Trend is the craze for that particular keyword on the given period (monthly and yearly basis).

Trend in KWFinder

You can also use Google Trends to check out current trends for any focus keyword.

Search is the monthly search volume of the keyword that you entered. Always remember that it may vary from one keyword tool to another.

Therefore, it is your job to do some manual checking on the Google SERPs page itself.

Monthly searches metric by KWFinder

CPC (Cost Per Click) is the amount that an advertiser is willing to pay for the keyword that you are about to target. Now, this is very helpful.

Whenever you are writing on any topic, make sure that you target keywords with high CPC. For example, the keyword “golf clubs for beginners” have a CPC of approx. 0.89 which means that the advertiser is willing to spend a legit amount of money on this keyword.

In short, keywords will high CPC is valuable 🙂

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the competition in the advertising industry where the advertisers are bidding for keywords based on their demand.

PPC and CPC in KWFinder keyword research tool

KD is the keyword difficulty for that keyword. It shows how easy (or difficult) it will be to rank if you target that keyword.

KD as keyword difficulty

Besides this, there are many other metrics shown here like “related keywords”, “autocomplete”, “questions”, etc about which I will discuss in a bit.

Even if you do not understand any metric properly, don’t fret. Just hover on any of them and they will show you the purpose of the metric through a tooltip just like this:

Tooltip to learn about metrics in KWFinder

3. Best for finding long-tail keywords –

If you want to motivate yourself to write, the best way to do it is by writing on long-tail keywords.

As discussed earlier in this article, KWFinder does a great job of spewing out some of the best long-tail keywords.

Let’s take the same example of a keyword – golf clubs for beginners.

This keyword is of FOUR words which are considered to be a long-tail keyword. However, let’s say you want to target a keyword of a minimum of FIVE words.

In this case, KWFinder makes it truly easy to find long-tailed keywords by putting up simple yet effective filters.

Keyword filter in KWFinder review

4. Reliable SEO difficulty score –

As I was testing their live chat support, I texted them regarding the KD metric.

I directly asked them – “Is your KD accurate?”

They replied with a positive response that the KD provided by them is almost accurate. When asked further, they said that the KD is measured on the link profile metrics which is a reliable way that many SEO companies follow too.

Live chat support by KWFinder

One more thing:

They have a color pattern on their SEO score which goes like this:

KD based on color patterns

These colors make it easier for us to understand the behavior of the keyword which is a great thing.

5. SERP analysis –

You heard it right. Mangools is not limited to KWFinder. In fact, as uncovered earlier, they are open with many other useful apps and one of them is the SERP checker.

SERP which stands for Search Engine Results Page is the set of results that a search engine shows whenever users hit a keyword query. You can learn more about SERPs here.

Head over to their SERP checker from the dashboard.

SERP checker by Mangools

Enter any keyword that you wish to target, country, and the targeted device. In my case, I would go with the same keyword.

SERP analysis

And a miracle.

It will not only show you the KD for that keyword but also a whole lot of other details such as:

  • SERP features impact
  • Total no. of results on the internet for that keyword
  • Top ranking sites for the keyword and their DA, PA, TF (Trust Flow), Backlinks profile, etc.
Search queries by Mangools SERP checker

Not only that, to save your time and energy, they have also introduced the Snapshot feature that allows you to have a look at the search results directly from their platform.

Snapshot of google search results

Not bad.

Though KWFinder is not ideal for competitor analysis, the SERP checker is worth relying on when you are just starting out.

Now, let’s get back to the KWFinder.

6. Multiple keyword aggregation –

KWFinder import feature is of great help when it comes to analyzing keywords in bulk.

Suppose you gave a good bunch of spreadsheets in which all the keywords are stored in raw form.

Now, with the help of the “import” feature, you can directly import that excel file in KWFinder and analyze all the keywords without manually searching for them.

Keyword import features by KWFinder

Note: There is some restriction with their import feature. You cannot import a massive list of countless keyword ideas at one go due to their limited lookups per day.

In this case, you may want to import a file of limited keywords time and again.

7. Godsend Support –

To be honest, I am obsessed with their support service.

If I would want to summarize it in three words – “It is awe-inspiring”.

When I asked them regarding one of my queries, I got a reply from them within a minute and very few companies can keep that promise.

They will try their best to solve your pain points in the most loyal way possible.

Besides that, they also reply quickly through their mail support. Adding, they have also built a knowledge hub to gain a solution to your problems.

Free learning materials related to SEO by Mangools

The Mangools support system is fascinating.

8. Extra added features –

KWFinder does justify all the needs of every rookie blogger.

Yet, this is not an end.

They have also tried to cover up some of the features that will help you to solve your external queries without leaving their platform.


Google loves questions and so does Quora.

Whenever we use more and more QnA in our articles, there are higher possibilities for that article to rank on multiple keywords.

KWFinder has a similar feature called “question” that can help you find breath-taking questions for any given keyword.

Questions feature on KWFinder

This is a good feature. However, there are sites like Answerthepublic and QuestionDB made particularly to find questions.

Questiondb to generate better blog topic ideas

Therefore, either you can use KWFinder to find a question or you can use any third-party site.

But if you ask my opinion, I would always use both the tools to find as many questions as possible 🙂

I think you should do the same.


 It helps find a trend for any keyword.

Keyword Trends by KWFinder

Again, this is an alternative to Google Trends.

However, I choose to find KWFinder’s features more appropriate because they save time. You do not need to open numerous tabs for ticking off each step.


I like this one. KWFinder autocomplete features helps in finding more long-tail keywords.


Whenever you use this feature, they will come up with a bunch of keywords that are related to your seed keyword.

Not to mention: This feature is similar to that of Google’s autosuggest feature.

Google's autosuggest feature

You can use whatever you want. The wisdom is taking benefit from each of them.

These were some of the most used KWFinder features. However, as you start using the tool, you will find that there is so much to explore.

For example, you will notice that they are also coping up with the current trends of dark mode which is great.

KWFinder Dark Mode

And several such neat things.

After stating farewell to the features, let’s talk a bit about the money.

KWFinder Pricing

KWFinder pricing

You can use KWFinder for free for 10 days without entering your card details and then Mangools comes with the three pricing plans:

  1. Mangools basic (best value)
  2. Mangools premium (most popular)
  3. Mangools agency (best for businesses)

FeaturesMangools BasicMangools Premium
Keyword searches/day100500
Related keywords lookups/day200700
Allowed logins (device)13
SERP searches100500
Keyword tracking/day200700
Pricing (annual billing)$29/month$39/month

Is KWFinder Right For You?

This was the ultimate KWFinder review.

I hopefully assume that after reading this review, you will be able to clarify your doubts regarding the tool and make a final decision on whether to invest in KWFinder or not.

Even if this tool does not match your criteria, you can always try their 10-day free trial for further experience.

After that, you may want to choose what works best for you.

Now, I would like to hear from you.

Do you find KWFinder valuable as per its price as well as benefits?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.


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  1. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    Hi Dhruvir,

    Tweeted of course. Super job brother.

    Having an easy, clean user interface would be the difference maker for me. I am newish to keyword research because I avoided SEO for a long time. But now my blog is basically publishing optimized posts 1 time a week – if that – and fixing my old posts through updates, deletes and all that jazz.


    1. Dhruvir Zala says:

      Thank you for reading the review guide, Ryan.

      Yeah, KWFinder finder is of great help if you are into SEO for a short while. And yes, you should try to publish SEO optimized article to get well equipped with higher organic rankings.

      Whether you publish one post per week or a post per day, QUALITY would be the first thing that would count.

      Thanks again and best of luck with your SEO changes.

      1. Ryan K Biddulph says:

        Quality wins! Again and again.


        1. Dhruvir Zala says:

          Absolutely 😀

  2. Sweety Kumari says:

    Hey Dhruvir Zala,

    KWFinder is one of the super effective keyword research tools out there and when it is compared to other rivals, it is budget-friendly yet promising. I am also a new blogger, thank you to aware this KWFfinder can’t take us any wrong.

    It is designed for entry-level bloggers and marketers because it shows all the possible metrics that a beginner needs. The interesting feature is that its autocomplete feature helps in finding more long-tail keywords.

    You have mentioned all the features of KWFinder in an easy way that is easy to understand and to decide that which we have to choose or not.

    thank you,

    1. Dhruvir Zala says:

      Thank you, Sweety.

      I am glad that you find this KWFinder review useful.

      Yes, it is a great tool for beginners and I too like their autocomplete feature to find long-tail keywords.

      Thanks for reading. Keep coming back.

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