Is Grammarly Good For Academic Writing?

Academic writing

Yes, definitely Grammarly is a very good tool in every aspect of writing, read below how Grammarly can improve Academic Writing.

If I have to introduce academic writing to a beginner, I will say the writing we do in our schools and colleges. It is an important element, especially in higher education. Academic writing includes essay writing, project writing, assignments, Thesis, dissertation, reviews, or composition.

But If you are wondering whether to use Grammarly for academic writing or not? then our answer is Yes, it is handy and beneficial to use Grammarly for any type of academic writing. It helps make academic writing more precise, concise, error-free, well-formatted, 

But Why So, let’s learn this in detail.

Benefits of Using Grammarly in Academic Writing

Academic writing has 5 key components and let’s see how the Grammarly tool helps us write better academic assignments.

  • It helps Write More Correctly and Consistently

The goal of any message should be its clarity. If nobody understands what you write then it’s of no use. Grammarly helps you get the message clear with its AI writing assistant.

Grammarly enhances your writing by finding and replacing inconsistencies and errors in terms of spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

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  • It helps Write With More Clarity

Any content that is easy to read and grasp is with more clarity. And this clarity comes from conciseness, simple sentences, and well-structured writing. Readers prefer to read concise and to-the-point paragraphs than lengthy and complex paragraphs.

Grammarly helps improve your writing to make it more precise and concise. It helps identify the use of unnecessary words like adjectives, and adverbs and remove them to make them more concise.

Readability plays a vital role and good readability is one with fewer adverbs, fewer passive voices, simpler sentences, and fewer hard-to-read, & complex sentences.

Grammarly tells you to convert complex sentences to simple sentences. 

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  • Formal

Academic writing is more formal than ever and Grammarly does an extraordinary job of identifying the tone of the content. It makes suggestions so that your writing sticks to the formal tone. The formal tone detection and suggestion includes 

  • Avoid the use of slang
  • Use of Split Infinitives, use of want to instead of wanna
  • Sentences ending with prepositions like in, at on, of, the
  • Avoid using insensitive words that may hurt sentiments or feelings
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  • It helps create a Structured Content

Structured or well-formatted content attracts more readers as it is easy to read and understand. Some of the highlights of well-structured content are 

  • Short Paragraphs
  • Use of listicles or Bullet Points
  • Short sentences
  • Correct Use of sub-heading
  1. It Helps write More Engaging Content 

The writing is not effective if fails to keep the reader engaged. Grammarly helps keep your writing more engaging by identifying overused words and suggesting alternatives. Alternatively, it helps you choose more compelling words making the copy more engaging with the reader. 


Grammarly is an incredibly useful tool that helps produce better quality academic writing. It makes the writing more concise, structured, clear, and engaging. If you are a student, research scholar, or academic writer you will definitely find Grammarly helpful.


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