8 Unbelievable Benefits Of Writing (Writers Guide 2023)

Benefits of Writing

“The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.” ~ Stephen King

I love writing.

However, this wasn’t the case from the beginning. I started to love writing after starting to practice it at a regular interval.

Granted, I don’t consider myself great at writing but it has helped me in many ways.

In fact, I enjoy writing more than anything else.

Irrespective of where you write, it can do wonders by improving many things at a time.

Besides enjoying writing, I get motivated to write every single day. I can hardly see my day go well without writing at least something.

Similarly, you may or may not be well versed in writing.

In this new guide, I will share some of the profound benefits of writing that will urge you to write more.

Let’s begin.

Benefits Of Writing

1. Writing reduces overhead stress –

I am a stress-free person most of the time. But, there is at least 33 percent of people in the US alone face extreme stress (Source).

statistics on stress

Not only that, around 80 percent of people feel stress at the workplace.

Similarly, you may be tensed due to many reasons that may be personal or professional.

No matter what is the reason for your stress, writing can help in eradicating that stress out of your soul.


According to Thrive Global, expressive writing can help battle stress and trauma. Expressive writing as the name says is the type of writing where you can freely express yourself & and what you are currently feeling.

Health benefits of writing

The main reason why writing relieves stress more efficiently than reading is because writing process our thoughts and emotions.

You may have seen yourself, for example, that whenever you write something down, the stress to remember that specific thing vanishes.

That is why we create a to-do list instead of remembering each item.

In this way, writing works as a great medium to let go of anxiety. This is one of the scientific benefits of writing.

Let’s explore more of them.

2. Writing brings clarity –

A few months back, I was struggling to write a definitive blog post on a certain topic.

After planning the blog content for that article, I left the piece aside for a while.

I started thinking and reading about what I could include in that article. I gathered a lot of information from different sources & eventually got baffled.

Then, I thought of writing all the information in word doc.

It worked!

After jotting it down, I was no more confused about what to include & what to exclude.

I removed irrelevant information and kept all the necessary wisdom.

If I want to summarize the above story into a single sentence, I can say that WRITING BRINGS LUCIDITY.

There’s no wonder why I started writing blog posts faster than ever before.

Why store all the mixed information in your head when you can write it down?

This practice works in every situation.

Be it going to the market to bring vegetables for your mom or anything else.

Writing lets you carry an available mind.

3. It forces you to think harder –

According to Ernest Gaines, the six golden rules of writing are – “Read, read, read, and write, write, write”.

Yet, when it comes to thinking, we tend to skip the latter most of the time.

If reading is important, writing is more essential.

While reading, most of us overlook complex words and phrases.

But the same is not the case with writing.

When you write something, you think harder beyond your ken to come up with something extraordinary.

Let’s say, while writing an email to an important person, you will try to make it crystal clear by editing it, proofreading it again and again, and so forth.

In this way, you are polishing your mental capacity.

I love reading. But whenever I want to find a solution to the pain points, I start writing & it helps.

In other words, writing does a great job of doing mental calisthenics for your brain.

4. You can find your voice through writing –

If you are just starting to write, you may have faced this situation where you don’t know how to express yourself through writing.

Or have you tried replicating your favorite writer’s writing tone after reading his/her pieces?

I did the same until I found one for myself.

When I just started as a blogger, I experimented with different writing tones to see what works best for me.

Someday, for example, I would write on a technical topic & someday, I would write a product review, and so on.

In this way, I found my writing voice.

Writing voice is a brand that you create through your writing.

It is created when people start to summon up you from your writing.

I no longer need to counterfeit others’ writing tones.

Practicing writing daily helped me find what I truly loved to write about.

So, if you are facing issues finding your personal writing voice, start writing on different topics.

You will eventually come to know what you like and what you don’t.

There is no prohibition in taking inspiration from others’ writing.

Either way. Writing will help you find who you truly are.

5. Writing helps you track your performance over time –

“If you want to compare yourself, don’t do it with others, do it with your own self”.

This is the line you may be hearing most frequently from others.

It is true in the writing world too.

With writing, you can examine your spirit and the number of changes (before and after).

For instance, whenever I want to check my writing progress, I visit my previously written blog posts and compare them with the current ones.

And fortunately, I have seen growth and maturity in my writing over time.

It’s simple. The more you practice, the fewer mistakes you will make and will ultimately grow.

In fact, if you are into interests such as blogging, writing, etc then content writing is one of the major elements.

And writing the right way can help you reach new heights of success in it.

6. Writing makes you sparkling –

Writing makes me happy & mentally healthy.

And not only me, but writing can also make you happy by promoting your emotional intelligence (Source).

Scientific benefits of writing

Whenever I feel like doing nothing, the first thing that I pick up is my keyboard and start writing something useful on LinkedIn & Quora.

In other words, I try to help others solve their problems which in turn makes me happy.

In return for my help, I get views to my answers and some of them even become my good friends.

Benefits of writing on Linkedin

As I want to become a better blogger today than I was yesterday, I keep writing stuff that makes me happy.

7. Writing is a type of meditation –

Have you ever noticed that while you are writing something keenly, the things around you makes no sense?

Put another way. You don’t pay any attention to what’s going in your surroundings.

This is because writing what matters helps you focus and allows you to work deeply.

And if you are into meditation for a while, you may know that it’s more about concentrating on a specific thing and letting thoughts come and go.

Similarly, writing helps you think in many types of ways. You have time to write and therefore, you try to come up with the most concrete piece.

Therefore, writing assists you in cultivating focus at length. And at last, the focus is what every writer keeps looking for all the time.

8. You can earn money as a writer –

Last but not least, you can make a ton of money through writing.


By influencing others positively.

I blog, for example, and help smart readers like you get answers to your problems and in turn, I can make money by offering the best solution.

Similarly, if you want to become a certified writer & publish your books, then you can make money by selling your books.

In today’s scenario, there are many ways you can earn a living as a writer.

And people such as copywriters, content writers, full-time freelancers, etc have proven to you and me that it works.

If you love to do a certain thing, you will definitely find an income stream or the source of revenue in it.

Summing Up

These were 8 proven benefits of writing.

So, if you want to get into writing, these benefits can help you get a good kick-start on why writing is important and why you should continue writing.

I hope you received some unbiased wisdom about writing benefits from this article.

Now, I would like to hear from you.

Is there any other benefit of writing that I missed to add to this guide?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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  1. Abhishek Padhi says:

    Keep reading & writing regularly, it will automatically improve. 👍

    1. Dhruvir Zala says:

      Sure thing, buddy.

  2. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    Loving it Dhruvir. I too did not enjoy writing deeply as a newbie but came to love this writing gig over the years. Now I see writing as therapy. I feel good helping people and my success accelerates too. How cool is that? Plus I get to write from cool places, like here at the beaches of Panama. Blogging From Paradise again. I feel grateful.

    Keep writing brother!


    1. Dhruvir Zala says:

      Thanks, as always Ryan.

      I too felt the writing was a tad bit of a tedious task when I started. But currently, I cannot spend my day merrily without it.

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