Best Lifestyle Blogs for 30 Somethings to Follow in 2024

Best Lifestyle Blogs for 30 Somethings

If you’re in your 30s, the new decade of your life is just beginning. You’ve left behind many of the obligations and responsibilities that come with being a young adult but are now faced with some big decisions about what to do next. Lifestyle blogs can be great sources of inspiration for those who want to create a fulfilling future on their own terms.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to our list of best lifestyle blogs for 30 Somethings written by people who have walked down this road before you!

Lifestyle blogs are the leading and competing blog niche. In an already saturated niche market, lifestyle bloggers are competing with digital lifestyle magazines. Therefore, lifestyle blogs that have gained many readers have high standards in terms of design and content.

Online magazines usually have huge budgets, are available in print and digital editions, are diverse and professional in content, and feature professional photos. But the advantage of lifestyle blogs is that they can provide new content every day if they want.

The lifestyle blog can be accessed free, while the digital magazine version can only be accessed through a paid subscription.

For lifestyle blogs to flourish, authors need to provide excellent and accurate content and photos to arouse readers’ interest and stimulate their imagination. Lifestyle bloggers set their competition benchmarks in the popular online magazine and other lifestyle categories.

What are Lifestyle Blogs?

Lifestyle blogs are defined as digital content that represents the daily life and interests of the author. The word “lifestyle” points out habits, morals, and attitude, which together build the lifestyle of a particular individual or group.”

Therefore, lifestyle blogs may fall into many market segments. This allows bloggers to provide content for specific audiences. Social media bloggers often promote products and services to make money for their blogs.

Therefore, it is almost indispensable for the people behind the Blog to be proficient in any particular topic.

Different Lifestyle Blogging Niches:

  • Fashion & Beauty Blogs
  • Luxury Lifestyle Blogs
  • Home Lifestyle Blogs
  • Health & Fitness Blogs
  • Men’s Lifestyle Blogs
  • Photography Blogs
  • Outdoor Lifestyle Blogs
  • Parenting blogs
  • Fashion
  • Travel Blogs
  • Beauty
  • Home Decor
  • Hobbies
  • Travel
  • Motherhood
  • Family
  • Self Care
  • Health & Fitness
lifestyle blogs for 30 somethings
Best Lifestyle Blogs For 30 Somethings

12 Best Lifestyle Blogs For 30 Somethings to Follow

1. Goop.Com

Goop is one of the lifestyle blogs that first appeared in 2008. Goop covers everything about modern women. Gwyneth Paltrow focuses on health and how to balance childcare and work. Things all working mothers know! There is a strong team behind her.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle and wellness website, is a go-to resource for many people when it comes to living an organic life. The site offers advice on everything from fitness routines to beauty treatments. This blog started in 2008 and now has millions of readers each year.

The articles are well researched with experts in the field providing their insights into how you can live a healthier lifestyle without breaking the bank or spending too much time doing so!

Goop also features products that can be purchased directly through the site as well as discounts provided by different brands and stores such as Whole Foods Market, Amazon Prime Pantry, Nordstrom Rack, Walmart Grocery Pickup Service, Vitacost Coupons, and Walmart.

If you’re interested in making the most of your time, resources, and money then this is a blog to follow!

Who is the founder of this Blog?

Gwyneth Paltrow runs this lifestyle blog that was started in 2008. This website posts incredible food, style, beauty, and work advice blogs.

Goop covers:

  • Beauty
  • Wellness
  • Style
  • Home
  • Travel
  • Food

Audience: Women

2. Cup of Jo

Joanna started the Cup of Joe in 2007 as a hobby. Her career at the time was relatively high-powered. She has extensive editorial experience and boasts Cosmo, Benny, Glamor, and New York.

Cup of Jo is a lifestyle blog created by sisters Joanna and Caroline; two women with an active lifestyle who want to offer “a caffeine-fueled morning ritual, something that will help you feel like the best version of yourself.”

The site’s motto is “coffee first, blogging second” which they live up to by providing great articles on topics such as beauty, fashion, recipes, home decorating, and more. The blog has been around since 2005 when it was initially titled “”.

They switched over in 2007 to CupofJo because they wanted the site to be about them rather than just gossiping about other people.

CupofJo provides reviews for different products including handbags from Coach, cosmetics from Sephora, and many more. If you want to get up-to-date information on the latest trends in beauty then this is a blog worth checking out!

Now Cup of Jo has got a writing team. This Blog covers topics from various niches like food, travel, style, and many more. This is a great women’s Blog.

Who is the founder of this Blog?

Joanna Goddard founded Cup of Joe. She got inspired by thousands of people whole over the world and became a full-time mom lifestyle blogger. She started this lifestyle blog as a hobby in 2007, and as the blog readers grew, she eventually quit her job and took it as a full-time job.

Audience: Women and mothers

3. Wellness Mama

You will find practical parenting tips, home remedies, beauty tips, natural and herbal remedies, recipes, and more.

Wellness Mama is a health and wellness blog that provides an abundance of information on topics such as healthy living, nutrition, green living, food sensitivities, and allergies. It covers everything from recipes to product reviews.

The site has been around since 2008 when it first started out as a personal journal for the founder’s own health journey. The name Wellness Mama is actually a reference to her daughters who she calls her “little mamas”.

There are now two authors with one being the original founder while the other is new but they both have their own areas of expertise which makes for excellent content!

Wellness Mama also offers giveaways where you can enter to win products including free cookbooks, food items, and more so there’s always something great to win!

About the founder

Katie Wells is the founder of Wellness Mama Blog. A 6-year-old mother with a journalistic background, Katie is a woman of many talents and aspirations. When faced with health challenges, Katie jumped straight in and began exploring natural and alternative ways to get better. And out of that passion, Fitness Mama was founded.

Katie is assisted by a team of medical consultants, authors, and researchers. They bring accurate, reliable content to readers, and the Blog has an excellent reputation as a reliable source on many aspects of natural life and nurturing.

Audience: Parents

4. Wit and Delight

Wit & Delight is a great lifestyle blog aimed at a broad audience. They focus on minor issues such as fashion and decoration and more severe problems such as mental health. You will find the blogs full of energy and enthusiasm. This is a great lifestyle blog for anyone who wants to keep it all on one disc.

Wit and Delight is a lifestyle blog that looks at how to live your best life. It’s written by two sisters who are experts in their field: one is a therapist, the other an artist. They share their experiences with you so you can learn from them and use what they’ve learned to make your own journey smoother!

Wit and Delight cover everything from relationships to mental health, beauty, wellness, family life, faith–even writing! There are articles for all ages including kids which show parents how to raise happy children while also being productive or helping adults find a balance between work-life integration.

The team behind this blog has more than 140 years of combined experience in psychology and art therapy–putting them in an excellent position to offer advice to those looking for it.

Who is the founder of this Blog?

Kate Arends ran this Blog in 2008. It is composed of a group of lifestyle and fashion experts to provide you with better advice.

Audience: People with a passion for life.

5. Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook is a blog about healthy eating and cooking.

It’s for the man who wants to get in shape but doesn’t want to sacrifice his love of great food in order to do so. It covers everything from recipes, reviews on different products, and workouts–all with an eye towards helping you live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing your time or money.

Fit Men Cook has been around since 2014 when it was originally called “Fit Man Eats”. They changed their name because they wanted something that would be more inclusive not just for men but also for women (since many of the articles are written by female contributors).

The founder is an experienced chef who has worked at top restaurants including Michelin-starred establishments and as such has a lot of knowledge to share about cooking.

Kevin shares the simple recipes that he uses during dieting. He found that blogging inspired him to stick to his eating habits, and he was right to think that it would encourage others to join him. They said that the rest is history.

Kevin focuses on simple, simple recipes that are the basis for establishing new, healthy habits. Fit Men, Cook was started as a small personal blog and later became a successful formula.

About the founder

Kevin Curry started his journey of blogging in health and fitness in 2012. He founded FitMenCook to take responsibility for himself during dieting, but what happened was better.

Kevin has started an online community for health and exercise through his blog posts.

Audience: Men who want to lose weight and stay healthy.

6. The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is a blog written by Ree Drummond.

The site was originally created in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2008 that her popularity started to grow thanks to an article on Oprah’s website about how she and her husband were making money off of their ranching business.

She would eventually go onto publishing 2 cookbooks, write for the Food Network, and even have a show on them called “Down Home with The Pioneer Woman”. Her latest book titled “Cook Like A Pro” has received critical acclaim from many sources including USA Today who said that she offers “simple solutions for cooking with fresh ingredients.”

The lifestyle blogs of Ree Drummond cover that lifestyle which Americans love the most Ree combines recipes, style, beauty, home and life, food and cooking, news, and entertainment. There are also great gifts.

She initiated the blog post independently but now has an editorial team to help her keep the Blog relevant, fashionable, and local. Pioneer Women is probably one of the biggest lifestyle blogs, where you can find entertainment, simple recipes and home design tips, shopping, and more.

This is one blog you don’t want to miss!

Who is the founder of this Blog?

This Blog is run by Ree Drummond, a mom blogger, author, food writer, and photographer runs this blog.

Audience: People who like ranch-style living.

7. A Girl In Progress

A Girl in Progress is a blog about self-acceptance, body image, and mental health. It’s written by a woman who has struggled with an eating disorder for most of her life–and now she wants to share what she’s learned so that others can find the peace and happiness that eluded her for so long.

In addition to articles on topics such as depression and anxiety, A Girl in Progress also features interviews with other people who have experienced these issues firsthand. The goal is to create a space where people feel less alone, less isolated from their struggle because they know they’re not the only ones out there going through it.

There are also articles about activism and feminism which address some of the ways society pressures women into being “perfect” and portrays them in a negative light.

This lifestyle blog aims to allow women to enjoy life thoroughly. It is suitable for women who work for themselves. It applies to all women who survive and prosper there (but men can also get benefits!). Featured articles on this Blog will inspire, empower, inspire and encourage.

The Blog has the following categories: do, work, grow, shine, accept, love, and live.

Author: Founded by Emma Norris, this is an online destination for women to work for themselves.

Audience: Trans non-binary people around the globe.

8. A beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess includes crafts, decorations, methods, guidance, and amazing content around the lifestyle.

She specializes in making different craft ideas, hairstyles, home decorations, food, and jewelry. A Beautiful Mess has a huge audience who love blog posts on home decor, crafts, and lifestyle. It is a DIY site where people visit and learn many different creative ideas for their lifestyle.

Who is the founder of this Blog?

This blog site was founded by two sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. They were also the creator of the bestselling editing app.

Audience: People with creativity and innovation.

9. Menswear Style

The Men’s Style Guide is a blog that aims to help men dress better and more stylishly. It has articles on how to choose an outfit, what colors go with each other, the latest trends in fashion, and lots of advice for improving your wardrobe.

The founder of this site used to work at a large department store as well as designing his own clothing line so he knows from firsthand experience about what it takes to create the perfect look.

His goal is to make dressing up feel like less of a chore and more like something you can enjoy because when you’re happy with how you look–you’ll have an easier time feeling confident in everything else!

Well, it’s easy to understand why women are so popular in the social blogosphere. But in addition to fitness or gym, men can also enjoy the masculine nature of men’s swearing.

Directed by Craig Lendell, this Blog helps keep up with current men’s fashion industry trends. This is the place to find any men’s clothing, even though there are many if you know where to look.

Founder: Craig Landale

10. Travel-Break

Travel Break is a blog about traveling and the different experiences you can have around the world. It features articles on places to visit, things to do, and foods to eat–all with an eye towards making your next trip as enjoyable as possible.

The site was first created in 2010 by two sisters who were living in New York City at the time but wanted more than just typical tourist destinations when they traveled.

They would go onto creating 4 books including “The Travel Sisters’ Guide To Europe” which became a bestseller thanks to its informative tips for those who are looking for something different during their travels (as well as gorgeous pictures of all the sites worth seeing). This is one blog that won’t disappoint!

Author: Stephanie

An acclaimed UCLA graduate, Stephanie spent 9-5 years marketing in Corporate America to become a traveling digital nomad and never look back.

She made it her mission to stimulate others to travel the world and indulge deeply in the map of new experiences and adventures.

Through her Blog, Stephanie not only posts travel guides, but she also talks about dating abroad, life and culture, and personal inspiration.

In addition to blogging, Stephanie is also a serial entrepreneur. She provides digital marketing services and has created lifestyle apps and blog courses.

11. The Style Coach Blog

The Style Coach Blog is all about helping people find their personal style through fashion advice, tips, tricks, and more. They provide excellent content for both men and women with very comprehensive articles covering everything from daily dressing needs to specific occasions such as weddings or job interviews!

12. GizModo is a blog about technology, gadgets, and the future of everything digital.

It features reviews on all kinds of products from smartphones to laptops to TVs–all with an eye towards helping you make informed decisions when it comes to buying new tech.

You can also find updates on what’s happening in the world of science and technology as well as profiles on people who are making waves in these fields (such as Elon Musk). Gizmodo has been around since 2004 when it was founded by former editors at Wired magazine who wanted their own site that would cover more topics than just tech news.

It got its name because they liked how “gizmo” sounded but also because they thought the word had many meanings which was a good representation of what they wanted the site to be.

Should You Have a Lifestyle Blog?

If you want to start blogging, lifestyle blogs can prove to be the kickstart to your blogging journey.

Lifestyle blogs are pretty exciting to start and begin with. There are tons of ideas in your mind to write all of them in your Blog.

Let your enthusiasm be the driving force, and I can assure you that blogging not only makes money for you but is a pretty fun-to-do activity!

When beginning with your lifestyle blog, you should select 3 to 4 topics you are interested in writing about.

You can also choose the main theme-beauty-and then introduce different beauty categories in your Blogs, such as fashion and makeup.

How Lifestyle Blogs Make Money

There are two common ways to make money from lifestyle blogs. The 1st way is to earn from sponsored posts, and 2nd way is by doing affiliate marketing.

  • Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are the result of collaboration with the brand. You are essentially promoting branded products in your posts and marketing them to your audience. In return for the promotion, the brand will compensate you.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Another unusual way to make money for lifestyle blogs is by affiliate marketing.

Like sponsored posts, you can join a network of affiliate marketing like Share Cell or any affiliate program.


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