How To Connect With Other Bloggers In 2023 (7 Assured Ways)

How to connect with other bloggers

You are a lonely blogger & are looking to build some real connections with other bloggers. Or maybe you are finding ways to expand your blog by building genuine relationships.

Either way. This post on how to connect with other bloggers will help you:

  • Build life-long connections with other bloggers.
  • Expand your blog’s growth & revenue.
  • Unlock future opportunities.

And a lot of other stuff.

If these things make you happy, then you will love this article.

Let’s begin.

How To Connect With Other Bloggers?

1. Solve problems in Forums like Quora –

I still remember that day when my WordPress admin panel was full of errors. I was terrified. After surfing the panel, I found that there is a conflict between the Elementor Pro plugin & some CSS.

 Being a non-techie, I didn’t know how to solve the issue. Therefore, the first thing that I did was to post my query on Quora (One of the largest QnA forums).

 Three days passed but there was no reply to its solution. But on the fourth afternoon, a single notification translated my mood to enthusiasm.

 I was happy after seeing that finally, someone in the forum had solved my errors. I can’t reveal that person’s name but this helped both of us connect & know each other better.

Similarly, you can post your niche-specific queries on Forums like Quora to make some genuine connections.

 Quora is a prestigious platform used by many pro bloggers including Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard.

 Besides creating a connection, you may also end up unlocking extra benefits such as sponsored posts opportunity, guest blogging, or cross-followings.

The more problems you solve; the more connection you will end up creating. Simple & sweet.

Also, continuously solving problems on forums will not only help in building life-long connections but also help in improving your blog post writing speed.

Therefore, it’s a win-win situation.

2. Follow, connect & communicate –

When it comes to building connections, social media books its place at the top. Initially, social media was used only to communicate from remote places.

But after the advancement of technology & AI, has enabled options such as growing a business from scratch, aggressive promotion through ads, building deeper relations, name & fame, etc.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc are some of the main sources for building professional connections.

Let me tell you:

Linkedin is one of the best platforms to build connections with even the managers, CEO of certain companies. Due to its formal & professional usage, Linkedin is mostly used to find an individual’s details & for job vacancies.

LinkedIn Profile

Many of us still don’t use Linkedin. 

But let me tell you. Linkedin has helped many pro marketers such as Brian Dean from Backlinko & Larry Kim from Mobile Monkey to drive extra blog traffic to their blogs, build connections with other pros & book backlinks from high authority sites.

Therefore, it is the best time to start using it right now. It serves a current monthly userbase of over 1 billion (Similarweb).

Estimated Monthly Traffic Of Linkedin According To Similarweb

Follow bloggers you like & connect with them through some informal conversation.

For example:

I wanted to connect with Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise as I liked his blog content & his freedom lifestyle. 

Therefore, I followed him on Twitter where he is most active. I pinged him & told him about how I loved his blog content. I also sent him my blog link & asked him to run a quick audit.

He liked my content & my simple yet effective writing style & then begin our conversation. We are good friends now & daily share our blogging as well as a personal journey with each other.

Ryan also keeps guiding me on my blogging journey.

 This was not possible if I didn’t message him due to the fear that he will never reply. 

Social media is the second most used source to connect with pro bloggers after pitching mails to them. Sometimes, people direct text me on Twitter rather than sending emails.

Therefore, stop using social media for memes & start using it for a real purpose.

Social media have benefits. Dig them out.

3. Send them a warm email –

Email is like your living address. No matter what changes, your email will remain permanent except for some irregular situations.

Be it a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or a college-going student, almost everyone checks their mails just after getting up in the morning. 

This shows the significance of emails.

While sending any mail to the person whom you want to connect with, you should keep these things in mind:

  • The mail should be informal & amicable.
  • The other person should feel that you are genuinely interested. Avoid using robot language.
  • Avoid using technical jargon. Using the complex word is the last thing that they want to see.
  • Before pitching mail, pre-research about a person & his blog to know him/her better.
  • Do not try to promote yourself. It will end you up in a SPAM tab.

What you should never send in an email

Email that you should never send

What you should send in an email

Email that you should send to other bloggers

If done correctly, email drives & builds up huge connections for the better.

4. Comment on other blogs –

If you are blogging for a while, you may be knowing that majority of comment backlinks are “No Follow” links. 

That’s the main reason why many of us never comment on any article even if it touched our hearts.

You should not always think about backlinks while commenting. Saying a “Nice post, man” or “The first viewer” will not work.

If you wish to build up long-term connections with good bloggers, you need to comment on something valuable. 

This will not only help your comment stand out but also help in redirecting traffic to your site (If the user allows inserting the site link while commenting). 

Many professional bloggers still use blog commenting to build new connections as well as maintain the existing ones. Some bloggers reply to all the comments.

For example, Brian Dean read & replies to all his comments. This opens a golden opportunity to build connections by showering your valuable opinions about the specific article.

A two-paragraph comment with some enticing hooks, a proper CTA & some valuable questions is all you need to nail out your comment to any article.

Commenting is still relevant. If you are not commenting, you are missing out.

5. Mention Them On Your Ecosystem –

Just like our desires, other bloggers also feel good when someone retweets their tweet or when someone awards them with a do-follow backlink.

You can be a hero for them by mentioning them frequently on the social platforms which you & they use the most.

Note: Mentioning them frequently without any reason may trigger an impression of a gold digger in their mind. Therefore, mention them but with a qualitative approach.

Mentioning has larger benefits:

  • On Twitter, almost every person likes it when someone retweets/ mentions them.
  • Many social platforms ping a mentioned person with a notification with your name.
  • When you mention them frequently, they may end up visiting your blog and if they like it, they may even follow & connect with you.

The same thing happened to me. Ryan liked my blog content & wished me luck for a bright blog future.

He also liked my tweets & replied to them 🙂

Ryan Biddulph Of Blogging From Paradise

Therefore, you should never hold yourself back while promoting others. At last, you are building a real business by connecting with bloggers who have already achieved it before you.

Always remember, you cannot do everything alone even if you have some superpowers. Welcome others & they will open enormous opportunities for you in the future.

6. Try Guest Posting On Your Dream Blogs –

Let’s be real:

This is not easy.

But wait, this can be done & many have already done it. Therefore, you can do it too. Yes, I am talking about guest posting on blogs that you love & are relevant to your niche.

Some of you may say that guest post eats up a huge amount of time. This is true but the benefits are even larger. 

Here, I am not saying to guest post just for the backlinks. Almost every blog allows at least one quality link. But you should try to level up your game.


You will not receive the opportunity to guest post on sites like Forbes, Inc., HuffPost, etc at least when you are new to the field.

Therefore, you can start guest posting on sites that are growing (Medium DA Sites). They will easily accept your posts. In this way, you will build more connections & meet a new audience.

You will also keep going one step closer to post on your dream blog.

If you think about guest posting only in the terms of backlinks, it may disappoint you in most cases. 

But if you are looking to build long-term connections that help in most emergent cases, then you will achieve the highest satisfaction.

One guest post from a quality site can change your life. 

You will be able to tie the knot with the writing assistants & CMO of the authority site. 

P.S: This also helps in showing social proofs & testimonials to your site.

Think about it.

7. Let them breathe –

I have blocked many bloggers who connect with me on Twitter & immediately asks for a backlink exchange.

This is really irritating.

Initially, they will say that they love your blog. Then, they will tell a personal failure story. Afterward, they will introduce their blog by being emotional.

Once I laughed heavily when a stranger asked me for a backlink exchange. When I visited his website, it was all about the music lyrics.

*Unstoppable laugh & slow claps*

The same incidents happen with many other bloggers which are accepted by no one.

Therefore, while connecting with a blogger you need to understand what they like & what they don’t. You can’t simply say them to promote your blog.

This will ruin the show & you will lose one point.

You need to keep in mind also the time in which they are active the most. While approaching for the first time, do say some nice things about their blog that you like. 

Try to match what’s common between you & the other person.

More importantly, try to relieve them by asking less yet inspiring questions (relevant to their interests). This will open up a sudden spark of conversation between both of you.

Commonly Asked FAQs

Here are some of the best ways to connect with other bloggers:

  1. Through social media.
  2. By sending them a warm email.
  3. By regularly commenting on their posts.
  4. By helping other bloggers in the forum
  5. By making them feel good.
  6. Through social media mentions & blog features.
  7. Through a podcast.

Besides this, there may be many other ways.

Twitter is one of the best ways to connect & collaborate with some awesome bloggers. This is because many pro bloggers are mostly active on Twitter & they like it when someone retweets their tweets or particles.

Be it a physical product brand or a SaaS company, the best way to approach them is through a warm email. Company’s hire specific individuals to check emails regularly.

They receive no. of emails every day which are important to answer. Therefore, if your mail provides value & falls to be lucky, you may also end up getting a reply from them.

Now up to you

This was the ultimate guide on how to connect with other bloggers.

I hope these 7 strategies will assist you in making some connections that will turn out to be the real gold,

Connecting is an art & you will learn it through practice just like all other skills. Remember, good connections will always help & guide you in business. 

Now, it’s your turn.

Out of the above strategies, which one are you going to try first?

Also, is there any unique strategy to connect with influential bloggers that are not discussed here?

Either way. Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Now go and build some real connections.


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  1. Abhishek Padhi says:

    Hey, I like the detailed case study and my preferred social media to connect is Quora and twitter. 👍

    1. Dhruvir Zala says:

      Great to hear, Abhishek. Keep going & success will be a sure thing for you.

  2. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    Dhruvir I am happy you got over the fear of me not replying bro! I too had and have that fear sometimes when reaching out to professional bloggers. But nudging through the fear is how to connect with bloggers, especially top shelf guys and gals. Fabulous lesson in facing fear and also learning how networking is the only way to go to succeed online.


    1. Dhruvir Zala says:

      Thanks for reading this article, Ryan.

      You are right, if you want to build great connections across your industry, you need to throw the fear out.

      Great lesson, buddy.

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