Blogging Vs Podcast Vs YouTube- Which One Works for You

Blogging Vs Podcast Vs YouTube

Businesses run on content, and content creation is tricky. There’s no guide to perfect content creation, you learn as much as you read, watch or hear, you learn from your surroundings, and that makes your content better each time.

There’s a great perplexity about what source to choose for creating content, which one overweighs the other amongst Blogging vs Podcast vs YouTube. And a lot of businesses are spending a considerate amount of time in finding out ways to choose amongst Blogging, podcasts, and YouTube.

Here, we present to you this feature where we’d analyze everything you need to know about Blogging, Podcast, and YouTube. We’d also talk about the hype created in the internet market about this subject.

Let Us First Understand From Point One

Blogging, podcasts, and YouTube are the most popular mediums through which a content creator could reach its targeted audience. The three mediums are different from each other in the way it conveys information or message.

One medium uses words to express; the other is all about conversing through audio, and the last one uses video as a means. Hence, there’s not much competition between the three.

However, you need to understand the nature of your audience, before choosing any one of these three means. Find out;

  • Whether your targeted audience loves to read?
  • Whether your targeted audience loves to hear, and would be interest in hearing everything you convey through your podcast; or
  • Whether your audience would get the message clear only through AV (audio video) format.

Difference between Blogging, Podcast, and YouTube


Blogging has been a content-creating format for decades. It has been in the mainstream before Podcast and YouTube, and there’s a completely different fan base for this medium.

N number of bloggers led their blog to become a successful business, and there’s a way in which you need to publicize your blog. You need to create a blog focusing on your kind of business and you need to be very active about the taste of your targeted customer or audience.

Attracting the ideal client through your blog is an art that you need to master, and then comes the role of SEO. Better SEO for your blog, better results in your business, and that’s the real funda.

Blogging Vs Podcast Vs YouTube
What is Blogging- Pros and Cons


  • It is really easy to start your Blog. A beginner’s knowledge regarding WordPress is enough. So you actually do not need intense training to get started with a Blog.
  • Blogs could be created in really low cost. This is the premier means to broadcasting, and is comparatively more economical than the other too.
  • You do not need any technical equipment to start blogging. All you need is a computer and in depth knowledge about blogging. Even if you are a beginner, you can surf the stories of other bloggers and learn from their experiences.


  • Creating a catchy blog requires in depth research, time, and a lot of efforts. You need to read a lot and invest time in creating a reasonably good blog for your business.
  • As already explained above, blogs are the oldest content creation platform, and hence the new ones have already started to overpower blogging. However, if you are smart enough, you already know how to make your way to your targeted audience through blogging.
  • You have to write a lot while you blog. You either hire writers or be your own author for your business. In any which way you need to have great communication skills. Writing is also communication, and when you are communicating through words, you need to be a pro.


Podcast has recently acquired a prominent place in the online market and is a source of content creation that a lot of people are still not too familiar too.

The podcast is for a totally different kind of audience, and not people of all tastes do prefer listening to Podcasts. Creating an idea Podcast requires a lot of research, and the host needs to make a lot of efforts to let the audience stay actively involved in the message that’s conveyed.

Podcast requires a strong script, and that is basically the soul of every engaging podcast you hear and follow.

what is podcast
What is Podcast- Pros and Cons


  • Podcast has gained immense popularity recently, and it has now become a prominent medium for content broadcasting. While you communicate through the podcast, you get LONGER ATTENTION of your audience. If designed interestingly, the podcast could be as long as 30 minutes or one hour.
  • To create a podcast you need a strong script, and you do not need many types of EQUIPMENT in this case. This reduces your expenses.
  • Your voice is heard in the Podcast, and while you are producing one, do actually do not need to work on your looks in this case. This keeps you free from all issues relating to getting up and getting ready.


  • EDITING the podcast is a lengthy process, and you need to invest a lot of time in delivering the best product.
  • To create your podcast, you need a SOUND PROOF space, so this is one area where you need to make investments in all cases.
  • You will need a hosting service to launch your podcast, so another expense in this genre.
  • Podcasts aren’t much popular still. It sometimes become really hard for the host to connect to the targeted audience, and grabbing the audience throughout the podcast is yet another challenge.


The popularity people get on YouTube is unmatched, provided you have moved in the right direction. Content creation on YouTube is indeed a science you have to learn. Getting attention and earning through the content on YouTube was easier when it was established, however, with the new updates, the competition has become intense.

YouTube was launched in 2005, and since then it has given immense space to people across the globe to grow and establish their brand or business. ‘Video’ is the future of marketing, and you need to buck up for that.

YouTube- pros and Cons
YouTube- Pros and Cons


  • The prime benefit of using YouTube as a medium of creating content is it is FREE. Yes. The platform doesn’t charges you to open or create an account, and that means, zero money invested in this sphere.
  • YouTube is the only medium where you could engage with your prospective audience through both AUDIO & VISUAL means. This adds to the benefit, and keeps your message loud and clear before your targeted audience.
  • SEO techniques need to be applied well, and that implied to everything you upload online. If you work proficiently on managing the SEO for your page, audience gets directly engaged to your content.
  • Videos created on YouTube can also be shared on other social media platforms as well. This implies, once you spend on creating a video, it could be used on different platforms to let you have audience from multiple directions.


  • YouTube is a third party platform, and you do not own it. Have you ever though, what if you wake up one day, and there’s no YouTube at all. What would you do in that case, so this comes as a disadvantage? However, there’s a rare chance something like this would happen, but yes, your account could be erased in case you do not follow the YouTube guidelines.
  • For creating engaging content, you will have to invest in equipments. If you are lucky, your videos can go viral without much investment, but it is rather good to produce well. Your professionalism should be revealed in your videos. Take care of this fact.
  • You will need to have a team if you can’t multitask. You will need a camera person, an editor, and a host for your video. So it takes time, effort, and a reliable team to produce amazing content on YouTube.  

Blogging, Podcast and YouTube- Which One Works And Why?

All three mediums have their own pros and cons, and their separate fan base. Which medium works for you depends totally on how you create your content.

Online marketing and content creation have evolved immeasurably in the last few years, and now everything depends on how engaging is your content.

The level of competition on all three platforms is high, thus, you need to work too much to get too much.

Moreover, to choose a medium you definitely need to take a few factors into consideration;

  • You need to analyse your nature of business, and then choose a broadcasting medium accordingly. Not all business can work well on all platforms.
  • Study the nature and preferences of your targeted customers to know the best way to approach them. If your targeted audience or customers aren’t much educated, you cannot choose blogging in that case, so choose wisely.
  • Also consider your abilities and specialization. If you think you have the training to do absolutely great in YouTube, you should never opt for the other two mediums. So analyse your abilities and capabilities well.

Thus, Blogging, Podcast, and YouTube have their own set of goods and bad, you need to study your content well before choosing the right medium to post it.


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