The Pros And Cons Of Blogging In 2023 (Comparison Guide)

Pros and cons of blogging

Thinking that blogging is easy, everyone wants to start a blog.

Blogging is not easy can be proved from the fact that initially blogging was pursued as a hobby but now it has become a hub of generating revenue in millions.

No doubt blogging is still a great thing to do & will also be great in the future.

However, nothing is perfect. Everything has its pros & cons. Similarly, blogging has its advantages & disadvantages. So if you want to be a better blogger by eliminating its demerits, you will love this new guide.

Let’s begin.

Pros of Blogging

Starting a blog is easy –

Creating & managing a blog was not that easy until WordPress was founded in 2003.

After WordPress was launched, it has done so well over the years that it powers over 38% of the world’s websites & the number is increasing.

Thanks to WordPress as it makes ordinary bloggers better through some awesome themes plugins, themes & further optimizations.

Most importantly, starting a blog is darn easy if you choose to go with WordPress rather than any other platform.

Almost every hosting company offers direct WordPress install. But what I prefer to choose & recommend is Hostinger which is reasonable at cost, a quality service provider & has one-click advanced WordPress integrations.

Therefore, if you are thinking to start a blog then you can start with Hostinger for as little as 1$/month through my link. You will also get a Top-Level Domain name for free. Hostinger is beginner-friendly.

Overall, it will help you set up your blog & make it live & running as quickly as possible.

I have seen many new bloggers making the silly mistake of starting a blog with a free Blogger account. I am not against it. But if you are serious about blogging & want to execute as fast as possible, nothing beats WordPress.

Even if you look to coding as an alien language like I do, WordPress makes your every move very fast & easy with their heavily customizable plugins.

Blogging doesn’t require a lot of investment –

As said earlier, you do not need a server or VPS hosting to start. By no means will you receive huge spikes of organic traffic from the initial month itself.

Therefore, while starting a blog, all you need to invest in is – Domain name & hosting.

As said earlier, starting your blog with Hostinger will not only help in speeding up the process but also assist you 24*7 through their quality support.

Therefore, if anyone tells you that blogging requires a big chunk of money, disappear from that place.

Many people will also tell you to further customize your blog with premium themes & plugins like Elementor Pro & GeneratePress or Kadence. Again, this is not necessary at least while you are just starting.

You can choose to invest in these themes & plugins once your blog revenue starts growing.

Blogging helps you build connections with authority sites –

Many bloggers think that blogging is all about writing content. No doubt, content marketing is a crucial element to succeed in blogging. But there are many things beyond that which can skyrocket your blog’s growth in a record time.

One of them is building genuine connections with other bloggers. Blogging does a great job of connecting bloggers not only for backlinks but also for long-term relations.

Building blog connections has many benefits such as:

  • Introduction to new bloggers.
  • Vast monetizing opportunities.
  • Guest blogging opportunity at larger sites.
  • Expansion in the blog’s growth.
  • Cross-promotion

And far more joy-giving benefits. 

Social media is indeed built to communicate & make connections. But the true connections can only be made by providing quality in an individual’s life.

If you are blogging as a business, you are providing value to your targeted audience & in turn, you are building unbreakable connections.

Building connections is also one of the main reasons why you have a higher of receiving sponsored post opportunities.

Blogging helps in improving your writing –

Besides improving your thinking & brainstorming power, blogging can help in improving your language vocabulary and also writing speed.


As blogging is all about creating epic content for your users as well as a search engine, you are more likely to perform research for every post before writing them.

After reading your competitors’ articles & through extensive keyword research, there are higher chances of you writing a blog post at least 10% better than them.

In fact, it is because of blogging that I can improve my written English as well as my reading ability.

With great tools like Grammarly, I can blog more efficiently & with fewer grammatical mistakes. The best thing about them is that they send you a weekly email with insight into overall performance.

Grammarly weekly email insights

Therefore, blogging can do wonders & can teach you multiple things at a time if you are willing to do so.

You can replace your day job through Blogging –

Many people may still don’t believe it but it is happening. Blogging being started as a hobby has become one of the most profitable online businesses.

In fact, pro bloggers like Ryan Robinson make living through their blog by earning over 40,000$/every month through a single blog.

ryrob by Ryan Robinson

This depicts the power & scope of blogging. Fortunately, there are various options through which you can monetize your blog.

Some of the most preferred ones are:

And countless other ways. You can show your blog as social proof and do freelancing. I have seen many people do that too & it works like a charm.

Though blogging is not a quick-rich scheme, you can make a lot of money through it if you learn to apply the blogging tactics & strategies the right way.

With blogging, the only limit is the sky. Take action.

Unlike YouTube, Blogging can be scaled to a large extent –

YouTube indeed gives faster results than blogging. However, if we compare Blogging vs YouTube based on scalability, blogging reserves its seat.

This is because YouTube has very fewer monetization options like Ads & sometimes affiliate marketing. 

On the other hand, Blogging nails it due to its larger scalability factor. This is why it has transformed from a hobby to a whooping business.

Almost every great website uses a blog.


Website stores static content that is not changed/updated regularly. Therefore, a blog section helps the website build consistent momentum through the passive flow of targeted organic visitors.

As it is truly said, SEO traffic converts the most. Therefore, every big company like Netflix & Ahrefs keeps providing fresh content to the users through their blog.

Now you might have understood the value & significance of blogging. These were the advantages of blogging. With that out of the way, let’s dive into some of the disadvantages of blogging.

Cons of Blogging

Blogging requires patience & consistency –

If you are the one who entered blogging after thinking that you will print money after putting a few articles with stock photos, then I may disappoint you.

Blogging does not allow any shortcuts to success. No blogger has ever become successful by unethical practices or by getting attracted to money.

Like any other business, blogging needs to be procured with the vision of the long term. You cannot measure your results & your performance just from the one-year analytics report.

Maybe that’s when you were still learning which led to a decrease in traffic. Be consistent & persistent. Never compare yourself with another person if you are not getting results faster.

Some people may achieve desirable targets but this should not make your morale down. Maintaining your flow & quality will surely help you succeed in the future.

Always remember, your results may vary from someone else. Never lose your patience in that case too. Lack of patience & consistency will only label your site as “another WordPress site” (Of course if you are using WordPress).

Unlike YouTube, Blogging requires more time to see results –

YouTube gives faster results than blogging. This may not be the case all the time. But the majority follows the former approach.

Blogging is a slow journey in which you need to be steady. 

Why is blogging slower?

  • To rank your articles on the search engines, you need to perform extensive keyword research (Long-tail keywords).
  • Building authority for your blog takes time & effort.
  • Google keeps updating its algorithms which in turn affects most indexed sites for a particular period.
  • Like every other business, you need to A/B test different things in blogging to find out what’s working best. Again, this takes time.
  • Your blog marketing will only improve after trial, error & months if not years of experimentation which also takes a finite time.

Besides this, there may be many other reasons why blogging takes time. However, after sacrificing time, the benefits that it provides are countless & worthy.

But at last, blogging needs to be nurtured enough to grow just like a tree.

Google’s regular updates keep affecting almost every blog –

If you are blogging for a while, you may have seen sudden surges & drops in Google organic rankings. This is because Google keeps updating its ranking algorithms frequently.

With around 200 ranking factors, it becomes difficult for a normal person like you & me to dig out all of them & optimize accordingly.

No matter whether you are a high-profile blogger or a starter, Google updates give Goosebumps to everyone. At this period, even many pro sites become the victim of these updates.

However, this is temporary. If your content is of high quality & meeting all the guidelines, no one can stop you to rank high at the SERPs.

Yet, keeping yourself always updated about the updates is better than ignoring them.

A site with an ugly design is never looked at –

I am sorry if I say this wrong but you need to look into it.

Nowadays, no one has time to read those long paragraphs & never-ending popup notifications.

Site Architecture

Everyone likes to read text that is well arranged and is readable.

I have seen many people doing just the opposite of it. Instead of making the design look minimalistic, they try to make it over-fancy which is mostly ignored.

Have a look at Scale Blogging homepage & even this post, I have tried to keep things simpler yet effective & up to the point.

Therefore, never compromise with your design part. Site architecture is important.

Competition is skyrocketing –

If you are thinking that you will start your blog tomorrow, then you are procrastinating.

Every day, millions of blog posts are published & the number is increasing. To stand out in this noisy crowd, you need to come up with something epic & unique.

Whether it is YouTube or Blogging, nothing comes easy. Or else everyone would be doing it.

What you need to understand is that – Competition is everywhere. Therefore, only thinking & procrastinating will only lead to more & more stress & anxiety.

This fear is the main reason why most bloggers fail & quit blogging within a few months or even days.

Choose the niche that excites you to write & start right now. At least, you will get somewhere.

Mainly, stop over-planning & start executing, or else competition will become your main excuse for not starting a blog.

Technical errors can kill your time & mood –

When I started as a new blogger, the things that frightened me more than the google updates were the technical errors.

Being a non-techie, I faced many errors related to conflicting plugins, themes errors, CSS mismatched & god knows what more.

Sometimes, the case would worsen so much that I would feel not to write new articles for many days. 

Even after using WordPress, you will have to face some technical issues being a new blogger. 

During this hard time, instead of panicking, you can get the solution to almost every WordPress error in either Google or YouTube.

This is how I tackled them & still defeating many.


This was the full comparison of the pros and cons of blogging, I hope it helped you clear your doubts regarding blogging & how to approach it the right way.

Now, I am eager to hear from you.

Have you started a blog or are you thinking to start one soon?

What are some of the great advantages & disadvantages of blogging according to you?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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  1. Abhishek padhi says: is completely true..I have also faced a lot of problems starting my Blog.

    Sometimes my post is no index or sometimes the site is not opening properly 😃.
    But Every problem has a solution.

    I love your way of explaining the real-life experience 👍👍

    1. Dhruvir Zala says:

      Yes Abhishek, every problem has a hidden solution to it.

      I am glad you love my way of explaining. I will try to improve it every bit.

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