How to Start a Career in Blogging? 7 Great Ways That Work

start a career in blogging

Blogging is a highly sought-after and admired career choice in this era.

Everyone wants to be independent and not rely on others for income. Everyone dreams of a super independent lifestyle that includes lots of money flow and a blog.

One thing I can tell you is that being a professional blogger is not an easy job. However, each job demands a lot of diligence and perseverance to succeed. Whatever your field of expertise, you must work hard to achieve the highest possible standard and be an icon in it. So if you want to start a career in Blogging and be successful, you have to go through a lot of hardship.

Some many blogs and bloggers boast about how rich they live while earning a 6 figure income from blogging. They share tips and tricks on how to make insanely high-income blogging.

I’m sure you’ve come across posts like these. It is not always easy. Period. You could easily make a living by blogging Statistics show that only 4 percent of bloggers make a living blogging. This is a low percentage of success rate. This is only one side of the blogging story. Being a professional blogger is not easy.

I won’t ask you to go any further if you view blogging only as a quick and easy way to make a lot of money. Although I’m sorry, this is the truth.


This is only half the story. Bloggers can be a great career choice if you’re serious about blogging. Many people struggle to blog. There are many bloggers who make a lot of money blogging. Right, track you will be able to make a difference if you take corrective steps.

The key to blogging

When people begin blogging and want to make blogging their career, they often look for the “final way” that will lead them to success. There are many articles about this topic. However, none of them will guarantee your success.

Blogging is not a science. If you’re looking for a path that you can follow and help you succeed in your career, I am sorry. Bloggers can take many ways to success.

Blogging is all about being yourself. Find your voice and create your unique identity. This could be articles that you write, your writing style, or the niche you choose.


Before you decide to blog your full-time job, it is important to learn about the world of blogging and how to make money.

The first thing we’ll do is plan creation. This will make it easier to understand each step and ensure that we don’t miss any.

Make a plan for your blogging journey. This may be a complex topic, and you have any questions. I’m here to help.

What should you plan before you start a Career in Blogging?

This is as simple as answering the questions you have right now. You may want to think of some things if you don’t have specific questions.

  • What will you do? Making money blog?
  • Are you looking to start a blog?
  • Do you know of any formal courses in blogging that you might like to take?
  • What is your ultimate goal?
  • What are your plans for growing your blog?
  • If you’re already working, how much time can this take?

This will enable you to organize every thought that comes up in your head. It is now that you are ready to start thinking about all of this. Let’s find out how we can help you answer the most important questions.

What topic would you like to blog about?

People often get the idea to start a blog from watching their friends succeed in a niche. These brooding bloggers see blogs growing and make good money and decide to blog on the same topic.

Take note of these words. You can be a successful blogger if you follow these steps. Choose a topic for your blog that interests you. You can choose a topic you are an expert in, but don’t just pick a topic because someone else is successful.

You can make blogging fun by choosing a passionate topic or an area you’re knowledgeable in.

You don’t have to blog on one topic. It is possible to choose from multiple topics. Start by creating a blog about a specific topic. This will allow you to clear the search traffic and help you get more targeted search results and users.

Start by choosing a topic that interests and is interesting to you. Here are some popular niches that you can blog about if you have trouble deciding.

  • Tech
  • Home
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • DIY
  • Family
  • Fitness and health
  • Games
  • Inspiration and advice
  • Finance
  • Pets and Animals, etc.

Choose the one that you are most passionate about and follow your heart.

Steps of Starting a Blog
Steps of Starting a Blog

Launching the blog

After you have established your foundation, you can move on to the technical and other aspects. This is how to set up your blog quickly and easily.

1.   Choosing the Niche

So, let’s get to the point. Your niche should be something that you are passionate about, as I’ve already stated. This is because you will be writing and talking about your topic on your blog constantly. This will only inspire you and not drain your creativity.

When choosing a topic, one thing to remember is that others should also find this topic fascinating. It is important to ensure that your niche interests others, as this will help you make a successful career out of blogging.

Market research is one way to verify this. Check if other blogs have been created on these topics. What is their performance on the niche level? If not, why not? If you’re looking for a niche that is not generic, consider all possibilities and remember. Make wise choices!

2.   Choosing the right blogging platform

WordPress is my recommendation. There are many good blogging platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, and Blogger. But if you want to make blogging your profession, I recommend WordPress.


WordPress is extremely flexible, offers amazing functionality, and requires very little learning. WordPress is easy to learn by just the first person who uses it. It’s interactive and can handle all technical issues by itself, so you can focus on writing and creating great content.

3.   Finding a suitable domain

Your domain is your website address. Most likely, it will also become the website name. If Andy wishes to create a blog about his DIY tutorials, then the domain could be “”

This will preserve your blog’s core and give readers a sense of what your content will be about. Even though many high-quality domains are already taken, you still have the option to find one that suits your niche. You can register this domain at any domain registrar. I prefer Godaddy domains.

4.   How to Get a Hosting Plan

Now that you have purchased the domain and settled on the blogging platform, it is time to choose a hosting provider. Hosting is where your website will live. This is where your website will reside. Hosting can greatly improve the performance of your website. There are many hosting providers out there. It is up to you to decide which one to use.

You don’t need to have a fancy hosting account if you’re starting. Hosting accounts can cost anywhere from $3 to $500 per month. Start with the simplest one, and when you get traction, upgrade to a more advanced one.

5.   Setting up your blog

All the ingredients are there, now all you have to do is cook the meal. Ask your hosting provider for the domain to be attached to your hosting account. Then, install WordPress from it. This is the easiest method to do it.

You can also do the installation yourself. You can find many resources online that will help you host your domain with the hosting plan you purchased. You might need to get help from your hosting provider support as this can be a bit technical.

You are now ready to go after you have completed all of the setups and finished your WordPress installation.

6.   Personalizing the blog: Accessing and personalizing it

You can now log in to WordPress Dashboard and modify the layout as you wish. Pre-designed WordPress themes are preferred. These themes can be downloaded directly or added to the theme installer.

However, themes don’t allow for customization. You can’t make any changes to the layout every day. If you don’t know how to code minor changes to your theme, you may need to hire a freelancer or change the entire theme.

7. How can you make website changes without themes or coding skills?

The Blog Designer plugin comes with over 40 blog layouts that you can customize your WordPress blog layout. The plugin can be used with any blog style. You can also modify the functionality and design of the plugin with granular controls.

It is compatible with the most popular page builders and provides a lot of functionality for making changes to your blog design.

8. Your First Post Published

Now that you have your website up and running, it’s time to publish. It is important to create engaging and useful content that people will love to read. Don’t worry too much about writing your first post.

Bloggers spend a lot of time waiting for the “perfect moment” when they can publish their first article. But, it doesn’t come. And even if it did, it would be a waste of time. Click on the posts tab, then click the “Add New” button. Write your first article.

Could you give it a title? Take your time, proofread it once you are done, and then publish your first article. Once you get the wheels turning, you’ll find more inspiration to grow and develop your blog.

turn your blog into a career
Start a Career in Blogging

Maintaining the quality of the blog

One of the most important aspects of blogging is high-Quality content. The quality of its content determines the future of your blog. The best way to ensure that your readers return to your blog for more content is to provide high-quality content.

These are some of the best Content practices:

Use your voice or tone of voice to write– Not try to imitate a blogger you love or admire. Don’t try to emulate a blogger you admire or love. This will only cause problems and ultimately will lead to poor quality content.

Never stop learning– You must be well-informed if you want to provide quality content to your users. Instead of writing a piece, write more. Make it interesting. Ask your reader to take action at the end of your article.

The use of the storytelling technique is possible too- Because there is no other way to do it, it works like a charm. Nothing can compare to the flow of a story offers. In anticipation of what comes next, the user continues to use. Once you press the publish button, don’t forget about your content. Focus on content quality.

Regularly edit. This will ensure your articles are high quality and have some value for the reader. It is not the most important thing at the beginning. Writing SEO-friendly articles will allow you to build a stronger user base.

If you can rank well on search engines such as Google, there is a greater chance that more people will visit your site. If your goal is to make your blog an income source, You need to concentrate on conversion optimization. You can also do this. You can do this right from the start of your blog journey.

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Final Advice

Although it sounds like a dream, having a blog and making money is impossible overnight. To make your blog successful and bring in money, you must focus on the content. While this may take some time, patience is key to allowing things to unfold. You must set expectations for your blog when you first start it.

These expectations are fine. However, they should not drive your actions or cause you to abandon your blog. It would help if you were prepared for the unexpected and take on these challenges head-on. This is how you will be a successful blogger.

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